About the CQ Project

Character-Quest will be an online journal focusing on the art of cultivating, nurturing and bearing the fruits of personal excellence in everyday life.

Beginning on the evening of May 22, 2010 Character-Quest will begin its one year mission to provide you with the very highest quality content possible including:

  • Exclusive in-depth articles about bringing the values of honor, integrity and self-discipline to our households, our businesses and our communities.
  • Weekly personal journal entries focusing changing the quality of our lives by changing quality within ourselves.
  • Inspiring stories of people who overcome great tragedy and disadvantage to accomplish absolutely incredible things.
  • Book reviews, hand-picked news items and third party content pertaining to achieving self-mastery or excellence.
  • An ever-growing collection of inspirational quotes and thoughts from great minds.

Albert Einstein once said something to the effect that we should not seek to be people of “success” but rather people of VALUE.  The primary goal of Character-Quest is to help coach us to become the absolute best we can be in whatever roles we have in life.


The Project for Building You!


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