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REAL Healthcare for REAL PEOPLE!

I’m willing to bet that you or someone close to you is currently struggling with some sort of life-threatening illness.  You probably could even name 4-5 people off the top of your head who are dealing with scourges like cancer, … Continue reading

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How to Hit YOUR Baskets!

Stop what you’re doing!  Let’s play a game—I promise it won’t take long and that it will be fun!  Oh, and who knows—we might even learn something. 😉 What game?  Wastebasket Free Throws of course!  And YES, I’m serious!  Take … Continue reading

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REAL Spring Cleaning – Using our hands to clean the space between our ears!

There’s some serious work going on at the Bowers Homestead these days!  See, springtime’s arrived and that means its time for some good old-fashioned spring-cleaning! There’s bookshelves to be rearranged, pantries to be cleaned out, nooks and crannies to be … Continue reading

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