Our Own Personal Dance

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the TV show Dancing with the Stars.  And (believe it or not) it’s not just because of Lacey, Cheryl and Anna’s choice of outfits each week.  (Though admittedly, that is a very nice perk.)  To me, ballroom dancing possesses a grace and elegance that embodies the very concept of human excellence.  A dancer has to execute precisely timed movements PLUS somehow coordinate those moves with a partner.  (For those of us who barely have enough poise to walk in a straight line this is akin to magic.)  When it’s done right, observing two beautiful ballroom dancers is like watching the sun rise over the Atlantic, the spring migration of wild geese or hearing the London Philharmonic perform Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet. But when it’s done wrong—well, let’s just say that it’s more like watching Laurel and Hardy kung-fu fight the Three Stooges.

The thing that most impresses me about DWTS is that it allows us to see some of entertainment’s biggest icons set their egos aside in order learn something that is brand new to them and profoundly challenging.  There’s a lot of sweat, tears and sacrifice that goes into learning the routine and still juggling their already busy lives of concert tours, filming and product endorsements.  It gives us the chance to see them as real people rather than mere personas.  Frankly, I can’t think of any other show where star power is being used so effectively to demonstrate the principles of hard work and self-discipline.  I call it Sesame Street for us big kids.

In many ways our own personal character quest is a lot like Dancing with the Stars.  Just like all of the celebrities who appear on the show, you and I have chosen to add a particularly difficult challenge to our already hectic lives and schedules.  And believe me—it’s a LOT harder to juggle real-world jobs and families than it is to coordinate tour dates and charity appearances.  In the months since The Character-Quest Project began I’ve been encouraged to learn some of the ways that our readers are challenging themselves.  Among our readership we have several aspiring musicians who have found the courage to push themselves to the next level of performance and mastery.  We’ve got some future best-selling authors who are finally getting around to the business of writing and actually submitting work to publishers.  There are numerous folks who have decided to further their formal education and go back to school.  It’s been really inspiring to hear all of these stories.  I’m proud of every one of you who have taken up the challenge to find your unique talents and purpose in life and have begun the work of pushing yourself to the next level.

So, what is YOUR Character Quest?  I’m so inspired by all of the feedback I’ve received from my heart-to-heart article The Incident a couple of weeks ago that I would like to open the floor up here at CQ Project to hear your story.  You will notice a new link on our menu above called What’s Your CQ? Please click on it and share your story with our readers.  Ultimately, I’d like to build up a community of Character-Questers who can inspire and encourage each other.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!  Until next time!



About Michael Bowers

My name is Michael Bowers and I invite you to go on a QUEST with me. It’s not a quest to change the world but rather to change ourselves. We’ll call it a “Character-Quest” because it will be about BEING or BECOMING examples of substance and integrity in everything we do…striving to live a life of pure excellence! And you know what? I’m a firm believer that if we first concentrate on overcoming our own problems then we naturally gain needed leverage for helping others with theirs.
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1 Response to Our Own Personal Dance

  1. Angie Bowers says:

    Being married to a writer can be intimidating when you post on his blog so this is WAY outside my comfort zone… It took me two days to write it. 🙂

    Someone once described me as water… That’s a fair description. I’d like to think I’m like a peaceful pond or a lazy river, nothing more than a gentle breeze or a slow current to ripple the surface. When pebbles fall or get thrown in the smooth surface is disturbed briefly but quickly returns to its former peaceful state. Now my loving husband might think more along the lines of an ocean shore with strong rip currents pulling beneath the surface that only those with a trained eye can see. Thankfully for him, he has learned most of the signs even though he gets caught off guard by an unexpected undertow from time to time. Since he began this project almost six months ago my water has flown under a lot of bridges. I began to do a lot of introspection and realized that my peaceful surface can have hidden dangers of its own. Water can be destructive. A peaceful river can create the Grand Canyon and gently falling snow can create glaciers that carve mountain ranges. While those may create beautiful scenes in nature others do not. A river without boundaries can flood and destroy communities. The oceans can become a weapon of mass destruction in a storm. I realized that my nature carries those traits as well. I can erode relationships and bonds with pressure or neglect. I can turn ice cold and cut like a knife. I can fall victim to my own created circumstances dragging others down with me because I haven’t given myself boundaries. My emotions can become a storm that can destroy anything in my path. My quest has been to be more conscious of these things. My poor loving husband is learning to read the currents again and hoping I settle soon. The way we are communicating with each other is improving, but it does cause conflict. Having two people making changes at the same time can create conflicts of their own but in the end I think we will both be people who understand each other and can have greater respect for one another. In the meantime my lazy river has some rapids and some kids are doing cannonballs into the gentle pond. I’m looking forward to the peace in the future but I’m enjoying the swell of the waves even as I feel the current grow beneath them.

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