CQ Brief: My Reflections Upon Water

When you feel that you’re trapped in an endless routine then remember the lesson of water.  Water rains down, is absorbed, then evaporates only to rain down again.  But along the way it finds time to swim in the deepest ocean, climb into the depths of the earth and frolic on snow-capped peaks.  Find the beauty IN the journey and you can travel the world and never leave home.

Living water flows around and through the things that would restrain it.  It is as hard to hold water in the palm of one’s hand as it is to hold back a mighty river.

In faith, water gives life freely to all who will drink, asking nothing in return.  For the deepest well knows that in time the rain shall come and its depths will be replenished without worry.  Whether visible or invisible water is neither created nor destroyed but simply is.



About Michael Bowers

My name is Michael Bowers and I invite you to go on a QUEST with me. It’s not a quest to change the world but rather to change ourselves. We’ll call it a “Character-Quest” because it will be about BEING or BECOMING examples of substance and integrity in everything we do…striving to live a life of pure excellence! And you know what? I’m a firm believer that if we first concentrate on overcoming our own problems then we naturally gain needed leverage for helping others with theirs.
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